Dragon Ball Super Ep. 60 Review: Black’s secrets finally revealed!



Here is a Link to watch the Episode before you read the review!

This article WILL contain SPOILERS and rumors or my own personal predictions and fan theories. Beerus still has yet to convince Trunks that the death of current Zamasu means that his future acts are wiped from the future Trunks is from. The gang all sits down for a huge meal to discuss the plans to go to the future and what should be done if Black and Zamasu are waiting for them again.  Vegeta urges caution  saying if they go to the future they need to be ready to do whatever it takes to win failure a second time will mean all of their deaths and failure to save future wife and avenge his future wife and sayian pride! Trunks has what he thinks is going to be the last conversation with his younger self, explaining young trunks will not grow up to be him. I am so glad the Pilaf crew is still around for much-needed comic relief, many fans hate these dudes because they’re totally useless and used as plot devices at times but I love them. Tunks says his final goodbyes and they heroes gather everything they need to head off to save the future. Bulma tosses herself in the party and off they go to fight for the future once more.


After the break, We see the future is still sadly destroyed meaning the efforts of Beerus didn’t change this timeline. The resistance finds Trunks right away to inform him that Mai has been hurt really badly and may die. Thanks to some swift action by Trunks, Mai is saved and the resistance still has their leader. I gotta wonder if any other humans survived in this world and if any alien friends or foes could show up in this time line. The heroes quickly find Black and Zamasu and Vegeta loses it and attacks Black first going full-out SSBlue and Black answers back by taking his power up to Saiyan Rose level to clash with the Prince. Black is not impressed by Vegeta’s strength in the slightest. Black admits his body is Gokus body but his heart and souls belong to Zamasu! So what the heck is with Super Saiyan Rose!?!!?

What did you think of Episode 60?

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