Dragon Ball Super Ep. 61 Review: Fight or Die!



Here is a Link to watch the Episode before you read the review!

The Goku Black/ Future Trunks story arc is nearing its peak this week. It turns out our villains are the same guy from different times with some body switching and time travel tossed in. The time ring Black wears protects him from anything that happens to the previous versions of himself….somehow. Enough talk, the deadly duo unleash a stunning combo Ki blast on our heroes forcing them into SSBlue just to survive the attack! Goku won’t be left waiting as well he strikes hard and fast taking on Zamasu and Black alone to no avail. All Trunks can do is watch as his father and hero are both over powered. Black and Zamasu have the lamest most awkward bro hug in DBZ history in the following flash back. Furthermore Black reveals he has killed several gods and destroyed the super dragon balls as part of their insanely brilliant and elaborate plan. These guys are a step up from the old villains and pose a better more appropriate threat than even gold Freeza. After this revelation, the heroes strike together in desperate attacks knowing they are facing the murderers of countless innocent being and the very gods.


Zamasu has Goku pinned and threatens his family, these guys are really messing with our hero at this point. In a flash back we see Zamasu switching bodies with another Goku, and slaying the Goku trapped in his body before killing his family with his own body as the weapon. Goku is finally really pissed off like the old days on Namek, when this guy sees true pure evil he must fight it with everything he has. This is why the series is still going, the idea that a simple fighter with a sense of justice can make a difference is attractive to a lot of people, well that and oceans of nostalgia. All the nostalgia in the world can’t stop Black from beating Goku to death if Zamasu has anything to say about it. In a dazzling Ki blade attack Goku falls to Black beaten and soon to be killed. Trunks steps up and claims he will kill Black while Vegeta takes on Zamasu. In another great move the deadly duo tell trunks he is responsible for all of this due to his time travel and keeping Goku alive they were able to assume these forms and kill as many people as they have. Trunk flys in a rage and attacks black just to be blasted to the ground. Things look grim with just an injured Vegeta standing against Black and Zamasu who are basically unharmed. Trunks has had enough of this, enough death, enough talk, enough loss! He seems to have found some new level of strength, with blue light pouring into him he swears “Black ,I will kill you!”

What did you think of Episode 61?

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