Dragon Ball Super Ep. 62 Review: Trunks’s Power Unleashed!



Here is a Link to watch the Episode before you read the review!

The battle for the future has begun, Goku is down and Trunks has risen his power to levels never before seen! His big time to shine is now! Black taunts the young Saiyan hero while Vegeta can only watch as the battle begins. Trunks lands a few unexpected blows on black. Zamasu has to step in and help out his evil ally, Trunks is unloading his rage and seemingly beating Black. However, he is unharmed still and the devilish duo has no intention of taking it easy on Trunks. The battle is intense and totally worth the build up at this point Trunks holds off  both the murderers and insists that Vegeta takes Goku and flees back to the past. This is the moment Trunks became the hero  he was destined to be. Vegeta makes a narrow escape to the past and Trunks stands alone. Meanwhile, back in our time Vegeta,Goku, and Bulma all made it back safe and sound. Bulma is furious with Beerus for being wrong about Black and Zamasu still existing in the future they just returned from. Beerus could care less he has done his part and returns to his own world. Chi Chi is seen talking to Krillin trying to figure out where her husband is and what he has been up to, Krillin loyal as ever says nothing and flees but Chi Chi catches Goten flying by.


After the break, Chi Chi shows up and the gang kinda panics a little bit about her finding out about all the fighting. Bulma tries to play it off but Goku walks out asking for food and spoils the whole secret. So Bulma explains everything that has happened while the gang tries to figure out what to do. Gohan hears all of this and feels overcome with emotion for his old friend. It seems that thanks to being the same person Zamasu and Black have a fighting style that is in sync and very difficult to predict. Vegeta notes that Black only gets stronger with every battle and Zamasu has immortality on his side,Piccolo  has an idea how to defeat them both. Sealing them both away seems to be the best way to deal with enemies too powerful to simply destroy. Goku asks how to use the sealing technique and Piccolo offers to demonstrate but Goku takes off to see master Roshi before he can show Goku the new move. Goku learns the new move in no time at all. Berrus goes to investigate why killing Zamasu didn’t change anything.

What did you think of Episode 62?

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