Dragon Ball Super Ep. 63 Review: Saiyans Vs God Killers!



Here is a Link to watch the Episode before you read the review!

This story arch has been really moving over the past few episodes, now the heroes finally have a plan to defeat the evil Black and Zamasu. It seems sealing the bad guys away instead of killing them is the only possible way to stop the violent killings. Vegeta has finished his training, while Goku has a good handle on the technique to seal evil in a jar he learned from master Roshi. Trunks wakes up in the future, surprised to see another day of life after facing Black alone. Meanwhile, Zamasu and Black drink tea and discuss how much they hate humans and plan to kill them all, man you think these two would have something else to talk about with all that power and time travel at their disposal. Mai has come up with a plan to assassinate the villains from a distance with a sniper shot, which should work seeing an unguarded weak attacks can kill Goku. The bullet misses and Trunks needs to step in to save Mai from the counter attack before they flee the scene. After witnessing the attacks of Black and zamasu several times trunks comes up with a plan of attack and goes after Black with everything he has! Some how he is holding his own against someone that beat SSBlue Goku and Vegeta! Trunks sets up and lands a full power Galick gun on Black in a stunning a fight scene.


After the break, Trunks has no energy left to fight off Zamasu and decides to sacrifice his life in a self-destruct attack to try to kill Zamasu, but Black is still alive and stabs Trunks in the back. Luckily just then Goku and Vegeta show up from the past but before they can say a work Black destroys the time machine letting them know this will me the last battle. Vegeta seems very confident that he and Goku can defeat this immortal and unstoppable enemy. Before a single shot can be fired the gods show up to find out just what has been going on and why all this death has been happening. Goku and Vegeta didn’t come to talk to Black they came to kill him! The pair of Saiyans kick it up to SSBlue right away and prepare to challenge black again. Vegeta takes the first charge and has become strong enough to take on black alone! Now it is up to Goku to defeat Zamasu the immortal god killer. While all the fighting is going on Bulma takes the opportunity to fix the broken sealing jar and repair the time machine. Vegeta fully school’s Black on what he did wrong and why a true a Saiyan will always prevail over someone wearing a Saiyan’s face!


What did you think of Episode 63?

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