12 Reasons 2016 Was An Awesome Year!!……………For Nerds



I have seen a million negative videos and articles about 2016 sucking and people even saying things like “F*** 2016”. For me, all this is negative and hateful stuff is just overwhelming, so I decided to share with all you lovely nerds the best parts of this year for me and for all of my fellow nerds,geeks, and fanboys/fangirls. This was the year or dreams coming true for anime fans, comic book readers, and movie/ TV buffs as well we all have something to celebrate this year and here are just a few of the things I am thankful for:

So Many Nerdy Films!!!!



This year we had every comic fan in the world hit the theaters for major action films based on your favorite fandoms. Captain America: Civil War, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, Fantastic Beasts, Warcraft, Star Wars: Rogue One, Suicide Squad. Dr. Strange and X-Men: Age of Apocalypse all released in 2016! That is an absolutely ridiculous line up for nerds to celebrate. Now whether all these films were worth the hype or not is up to the individual viewer but we can all agree we were super excited for at least one geeky film this year! My personal favorite film so far has been Captain America: 3 Civil war due to its twist ending and crazy team battles with my favorite hero making his marvel studios debut, the one and only Spectacular Spider-man! What was your favorite film of 2016?

Super Duper Geeky TV



The small screen did not disappoint this year either, Most of the major networks came up with something worth watching this year that tickled that nerdy fancy we all have. Netflix delivered Luke Cage and Stranger things just to name a few this year and even Fox came through with the Exorcist series which was a great addition to the lineup and did the original film justice in my humble opinion. AMC brought us Preacher and more Walking dead which are two rating giants for a reason also this year we got the first Game of Thrones season not based off the books so it was a year of continuing beloved stories and adapting a few new ones for the small screen. There are a lot of Dc tv shows now and they are all about the same quality with The Flash show being the best so far and Supergirl being the most fun honestly, but what about Marvel? Well with Marvel tv shows less is more they have fewer shows with a high-quality product in the end.

Games Got Better


What a year for gamers like me, we got so many long-awaited titles I don’t know where to start!!!! Let’s start with the triple-A titles we are all buying for Christmas if you don’t own already: Final Fantasy XV, Dark Souls III, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Doom, The last Guardian, Dishonored 2, Battlefield One, TitanFall 2, Pokémon Sun and Moon, fallout 4. Man, that’s a lot of games to play, which ones took up all of your time this year? I played a bunch of dark Souls and FF14 ARR but the most fun I had gaming was playing Broforce with my friends and family. This year in gaming could not get enough of indie and mobile games too let us not forget the huge hit that is Pokémon Go.


New And Stunning Comic Plots


In case you didn’t know I love reading comics, all kinds from the big two and indie comics too. 2016 changed everything in Marvel and DC comics and brought us the 150th issue of The Walking Dead Comic which still has a huge following even though the TV series gets all the press, the comic is still a solid read for long time fans and new fans as well. Batman comics topped the charts almost every month this year (see comichron.com) but Marvel had its moments with the All new All different Civil War II hitting stores and blowing minds of comics fans. Dc had its big reboot to with Dc Rebirth events. What comic did you enjoy most this year? I got the Rat queens comic as a birthday gift from y dad this year and it was one of my favorite reads of 2016.



That is waaaaay more than 12 reasons to celebrate this great year in nerd entertainment! I will leave the title the same because Google trends love the number 12 in December! I really just wanted to take some time and remind everyone that this year has not been so grim even with all the tragedy that hit our nation and the rest of the world this year. Let’s remember to be thankful for all the good things we have to distract us in the modern-day and age. What did I miss that made your year awesome? If you were wondering getting married to my wonderful wife was the most amazing and nerdy thing that made this year the best for me. Share your best moments in the comments and get ready for an even better 2017!




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